3D Vortex Illusion Carpet Optical Carpet Floor Mat Ma

style: A
Size: 100x100cm
Sale price$79.70


Product information:

Material: Mulberry Silk
Main component of fabric: mulberry silk
Style: other
Shape: round
Process: machine weaving
Pattern: Plants and flowers
Carpet size: 1600MM×2300MM
Color: Vision 3, Vision 4, Vision 2, Vision 7, Vision 6, Vision 8, Vision 1, Vision Black and White Circle, please contact customer service
Size: 60x60 round, 80x120 ellipse, 80x80 round, 140x140 round, 200x200 round, 40x40 round, 160x160 round, 150x150 round, 60x90 ellipse, 50x50 round, 40x60 ellipse, 120x120 round, 100x100 round , 50x80 oval, 120x160 oval, 180x180 circle

Size Information:


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